The Difference Our Funding Makes

What we funded in 2015

Currently each year 80% of the income of Scott Bader Commonwealth is donated as grants to support charitable activities and projects around the world. Please click on the downloaded Charity Report 2015 attached below to find out how $195k was utilized and to see the list of grant recipients for 2015.

Donations agreed so far by the Charity Board for 2016

International Fund

  • $1990 - Zambia Orphans Aid UK - New text books and teachers guide for 'Chibolya Primary School'
  • $2277 - Kamla Foundation - Funding their Micro Enterprise Training project
  • $2277 - IT Schools Africa - Funding to cover half of the shipping costs for a container of refurbished computers to be sent to Blantyre, Malawi
  • $1277 - Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope - To fit 14 children in Andhra Pradesh, India with new prosthetic legs
  • $2600 to Amantani UK that helps children from marginalized Quechua families in the Peruvian Andes.  It was agreed to provide a 660 gallon water tank for their two boarding houses; hygiene projects for the girls; anti parasite medication and medical evaluations including dental and eye examinations.

UK - Small donations ranging from $65-$130 to support the fund raising activities of 11 charities.

Larger grants

  • $1300 - Autism Concern - To cover the training cost in year 1 for both staff and volunteers for the new 'follow on group' being implemented for 18-25 year olds
  • $1300 - Barnardos, Ireland - Towards their Family Support Service being delivered from the centre at Mulhuddart in Dublin
  • $3250 - The Prince’s Trust - To cover the Young People costs for the 12 week program in Rushden, Northamptonshire
  • $1300 - Teamwork Trust - To fund a Wellbeing Course in Wellingborough - putting people back in control of their life
  • $1300 - Young Enterprise - Towards running an Enterprise Education Program in a Secondary School in Northamptonshire
  • $3250 - Victoria Centre - Towards their core work to bridge the gap in the reduction of their statutory funding and Godric Bader matched this with $3250 from his Life President’s Fund.

Scott Bader Doo Croatia

  • $650 - The Hummingbirds - Towards purchasing essential medical equipment for terminally ill children
  • $1300 - Debra Croatia - Towards the ongoing running costs of the project 'Health Happy'
  • $650 - Choose Life - Counselling Service - New office equipment
  • $650 - Medunarodni Institut Priorodnog - Towards their running costs

SB Scandinavia, Sweden

  • $455 - Falkenbergs Handikappidrott - Ongoing support of their sports programs for the disabled.
  • $455 - Falkenbergs Fontanhus Vanner - To support the vocational rehabilitation for people with mental illness

GERMANY our two colleagues in Germany donated their allocation of $520 to Save the Children. 

SBEE Czech Republic - Split their allocation of $910 equally to support the work of two charities - Artefaktum and Shilek

SB Pty SOUTH AFRICA - Requested $650 to enable them to make small grants to charities close to where they are located

  • Home of Kids Creche $1300 towards their general running costs
  • LIV Village (for orphans)- $1300 towards redecorating the houses in the village
  • Girls and Boys Town - $650 towards the running costs of the centers that provide safe



Children of Watamu - new toilet block Scott Bader supporting Giggles Play Thank You SB


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