Social Policy

At Scott Bader we are proud of our cultural diversity and are committed to recruiting and retaining excellent people. 

Fairness is one of our core business values

We honour the differences associated with the multitude of countries and cultures, faiths and diversity in which we work. All our people are treated as individuals and in turn they show respect for one another.

Giving our people a say in how we're run

Scott Bader maximises the synergy in our organisation by providing all of our people with a voice in how our business is run.  We do this using:
• global cross-functional working groups
• a democratic governance structure that enables all 600 Scott Bader people to work towards the common goals of the company. 

We're proud to be a Trustee Ownership Enterprise that can act as an example to others.

Safety, health and the environment

These are priority areas for Scott Bader. We work tirelessly to ensure that our operating practices are of the highest standard. This is so that we can protect not only our own people but also local residents and other stakeholders.

We constantly aim to achieve no lost-time accidents and no environmental incidents at all of our operations globally.