Speciality Polymers

Delivering innovation in waterbased and solvent borne chemistries for the Coatings, Construction, Textile and Graphic Arts markets globally

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Our knowledge of polymer technology, matched with our world-wide experience of applications and multi-site manufacturing, makes us a respected supplier to markets around the globe.

Scott Bader customers can be sure of a long term relationship with a reliable and creative company - a speciality supplier where quality, service and innovation underpin all that we do. Our product portfolio is derived from an extensive breadth of technology, which includes water based emulsion polymers, inverse emulsions, alkyds resins, and solvent borne acrylics.

Being a specialist manufacturer we have the flexibility and the commitment to tailor products to best suit the specific needs of the customer.

Our product portfolio is derived from an extensive breadth of technology, which includes:

   Acrylic and Styrene acrylic emulsions and thickeners

   Inverse emulsion rheology modifiers

   PVA and polystyrene dispersions

   Solventborne alkyd resins

   Solvent based acrylic resins

   Polyvinylidene chloride emulsion polymers

   APEO-free liquid thickener

As a technology led organisation, we have extensive support through our R&D and technical service teams. We are your partner in the development of new innovative products and solutions to satisfy the ever growing demands of the market place. An illustration of this is SmartLab Direct, a service offering direct access to Scott Bader technicians in the area of thickeners and rheology control.

Browse our range of Speciality Polymers