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Crystic® Resin VE679PA

Crystic Resin VE679PA is a pre-accelerated thixotropic DCPD modified vinylester resin. Developed for use as a skin coat in marine and tooling applications. Excellent blister resistance and reduced print through.  It has a 23 minute geltime and is Lloyds approved.

Matched Tooling Process


Press Release - Revolver 42 Speedboat Vacuum Infused & Bonded Using Foam Sandwich Design with SB Crystic® Resin & Crestomer® Adhesive Materials PDF 171.17 Kb
Press Release - Largest UK Manufactured Vacuum Infused Sailing Yacht Hull Using Stt Bader's Crystic Permabright with Matched Resin System PDF 195.15 Kb
IM FUTURE - English PDF 205.36 Kb
MPI - English PDF 198.37 Kb
MPI - French PDF 183.16 Kb
Slyder Catamarans PDF 175.17 Kb