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Are you looking for high quality resins, gelcoats, bonding pastes and pigments? Products which can be relied upon to process easily, consistently and offer the best long-term performance? You have found what you are looking for.

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Crystic® Resin 489PA

Crystic Resin 489PA is a pre-accelerated, thixtropic isophthalic polyester resin which when used with Crystic Marine Grade Gelcoats such as LS 88PA, LS 97PA, LS 30PA, LS 31PA and Permabright gives outstanding durability and superior blister resistance - for moulding boat hulls.  Suitable for use with continuous rovings, carbon fibres and aramids. It has a 23 minute geltime , Lloyds approval and is suitable for Marine, Transporation, Building and Construction and Industrial applications.

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