Our Governance Structure

Our Governance
The people that work at Scott Bader can become Members of The Commonwealth and as such become trustees-in-common of the company assets. Each generation must ensure the ongoing success of the organization so that future generations can benefit from its continued existence.

Democratic Involvement

The way this happens is via our Governance structure:

  • There are 3 Directors on Board of the Charity elected from Membership
  • There are 3 Directors on the Board of the Company elected from Membership
  • There is an international Members' Assembly that represents the interests of everyone that works for Scott Bader and deals with Group issues
  • There are Local Councils in each of the large manufacturing sites to work with management on local issues

This unusual structure of self-governance provides significant additional dimensions to business and employment relationships and our interaction with the wider community.

  • Business relationships are more sustainable because Scott Bader cannot be taken over - it is totally independent.
  • Workers have a greater role to play in the company than just performing their day-to-day role
  • Charitable status brings an obligation to the wider community particularly those less fortunate.
  • Management consult with the relevant representative groups when business decisions impact on the well-being of the workforce such as any organizational restructure and work patterns

To find out more please click on the attachments below:

Two diagrams that give an overview of the structure and responsibilities of each of the governance bodies

Our Constitution for more detailed information about our governance structure


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